Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!!!

Hello friends and family!!! I'm still in Eugene with my girls. We've had a blast shopping and just enjoying ourselves. This year I decided to treat them to manicures and pedicures. Yep, even my 4 year old got one!!! It's so much fun to just spend time me and them....making memories and enjoying one last weekend together before the school year starts! My girls start on Wednesday so we will take tomorrow and unpack and just relax a little. I try to always make a special dinner the night before school starts also....little things that I hope they remember when they have a family of their own.
All three of these cards are traditional size and are from the Wanted SU stamp set. Well, except for the "Howdy" stamp....he's from AMuse stamps....super cute and just blended right in!!! This was a super fun set to work with and though not my traditional style I think they turned out pretty good!!! I have a friend in Kansas that requested some blank cards and these are some ideas I came up with. I don't take all credit....there are some great inspiration cards over at the Wanted Splitcoast Gallery....take a peek for other ideas with this set.
Have a great holiday and I hope you get to enjoy some family time too!!! If anyone wants details leave me a comment and I would be happy to post them, I'm just in a hurry right not to get back to hanging with the kiddos. =) See you Wednesday!!


Kelley Nyrae said...

I'm such a dork. Can't believe I didn't think of the manicure, pedi thing. Great cards. I like these alot.

Oh, have a funny story on my blog. Check it out when you get home.

Amy said...

These are so great... it has inspired me to get Wanted back out again!

nancy morgan said...

These are so, so good! Love what you're doing with that set. Wow girl, can you ever stamp :) !!!

Cheryl Walker said...

Love how you did the horse on this card!!!! very nicely done!!!